* Search For A Killer: A sudden crime, a shocking death, and an investigation in need of a break
    * Signs of Smoke: Profiling the person of interest
    * Gone in an Instant: Revisiting the attack that took Donnie Farrell's life
    * World of Pain: The family and loved ones left behind
    * Donnie's Gifts: From a death, new life for a Staten Island man
    * That Was Donnie: Friends remember a real character
    * Rowan Grows Up: United in worry and grief, a campus comes together and changes, for the better
    * Farish Remembers: Talking with former Rowan President Dr. Donald Farish
    *Previous Trouble: After a fight months before his murder, Donnie's parents urged him not to return to Rowan
  • What is the Donnie Farrell Project?

    Donald J. Farrell III, 19, a Rowan University sophomore, was fatally attacked on campus on Oct. 27, 2007.
    Despite witnesses, extensive press coverage and a $100,00 reward, the case is unsolved. Four years later, an Investigative Journalism class at Rowan spent a semester giving the case another look. Through extensive interviews, public documents and online research, The Donnie Project seeks to tell Farrell's story, in the hope that a renewed public interest in the case could lead to a break.


A campus united in loss finds strength, and changes for the better By Kristen Stenerson  The Donnie Project GLASSBORO — Donnie Farrell wasn’t the first Rowan University student to die violently, or too young, or under tragic circumstances. But his loss was — is — felt deeply throughout the campus, by those who knew him … Continue reading


After an earlier fight, Farrell’s parents urged him not to return to Rowan By Noreen Kohl The Donnie Project Nobody ever said Donnie Farrell was perfect. In most ways, he was as typically imperfect as anyone at 19: Sometimes stubborn, sometimes impetuous, sometimes boisterous, a guy who liked people and liked to party. Sometimes too … Continue reading


Former Rowan President reflects on his tenure’s most challenging moment By Brian Jacobs The Donnie Project With 11,392 students enrolled at Rowan University right now, it’s a simple fact that Donnie Farrell could have been almost any of us, and that what happened to him can happen to anyone. It was the seeming randomness of … Continue reading

Kathy and Don Farrell


Years dull the grief, but not the Farrell family’s memories of Donnie By Ashley Super The Donnie Project “Don. Don Juan. The Donald.” These are just a few of the ways Donald Farrell Sr. remembers his son. The rest of the Farrells — wife Kathy, daughters Aimee and Caitlin, and youngest son Luke — sit … Continue reading


From tragedy, life — and for one man, the gift of a second chance By Ashley Super The Donnie Project October 27, 2007 was a day that ended a life. A day that many will remember as the one that took their son, brother, boyfriend or friend. It’s also a day that gave the gift … Continue reading


Remembering a true character, and a life in constant motion By Kevin Gross The Donnie Project Donald James Farrell III’s life started fast. From there, he never stopped moving. “He was what is called a precipitous birth,” said Kathy Farrell, his mom. “He came out too fast. And then that was the rest of his … Continue reading


Four years after Donnie Farrell’s murder, will a cold case heat up? By Damian Biniek The Donnie Farrell Project GLASSBORO – It is Homecoming 2011, and Rowan University’s campus is gearing up for a busy Saturday night. The Profs football team beat Buffalo State University, 36-29. As evening falls, a cluster of cars is parked near … Continue reading


By Cameron Meiswinkel and Sean Randazzo The Donnie Project In a case with so many unanswered questions, investigators say two things are fairly clear about the incident that took Donnie Farrell’s life: That he didn’t deserve to die, and that his attacker likely didn’t intend to kill him. It was over quickly, one of those … Continue reading


‘Smoke from A.C.’: Profiling a Killer By Damian Biniek The Donnie Project After a punch felled him and his frantic friends crowded around, Donnie Farrell’s assailant and a group of men with him scattered into the night. Four years later, no one has been directly identified as a suspect in this case. A blow from … Continue reading

Photo by Kristen Vaughn

He Was One Of Our Own

By Amy Z. Quinn The Donnie Project Why Donnie Farrell?  As the students in my Investigative Journalism class this semester have done research and conducted interviews to try to bring new attention to the unsolved murder of Donnie Farrell, we’ve faced our own share of questions. Why focus on this case, this kid? And why … Continue reading

  • $100,000 REWARD

    Do you have tips or clues about the murder of Donnie Farrell? You could be eligible for a $100,000 reward if your information leads to an arrest and conviction. See our How You Can Help page for details